Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

To show our appreciation for your continued support, DIG Options have launched a loyalty rewards program where you can earn points by spending to be used towards more DIG Options products. Because we know you have been a tremendous help to our success over the past years, DIG Options wants to give something back to thank you and to support your continuous loyalty. It is also our way of enticing new people into joining its growing base of loyal and valued customers.

I’m a new customer , can I earn credits on my first purchase?

Yes. You need to create a DIG Options account. If you checkout as a guest you will not be able to earn rewards points. And If you made your purchase within the Reward program period (from January 9, 2016) you are entitled to earn points.

How will I know that I am earning reward points?

When you are about to checkout with an order that will earn you reward points you will be able to see the rewards on the checkout page. There will be a section titled ‘Rewards Earned’ that will indicate how many points or credits you will earn. You will only see this when you have logged in to your account as guest purchasers cannot earn reward points.

How am I going to earn points?

Every purchase you make within the rewards program period earns points even as small as AU $10.00!

How many points will I earn?

Points are earnt for every single dollar you spend as shown below:

AU $1.00 = 1 point
AU $5.00 = 5 points
AU $50.00 = 50 points
AU $100.00 = 100 points
and so on…
How are my points converted into credits?

Points are converted into credits whereby every 100 points is equivalent to AU $1.00 credit.

Is there a minimum amount of credit that can be use?

Yes. The minimum amount of credit you can use is AU $5.00. So if you are able to earn 500 points then you can now use your credit.

Can I use all my credits in one purchase or is there a maximum limit of points to be used?

If you already have accumulated more than 500 points you can now use your credit. Once your credit has been used it will automatically deduct from your credit balance. You cannot allocate how many points you want to use. So accumulate points to have more credit. Maximum credit that can be use is AU $100.00 credit.

How will I monitor or view my points?

You can log in to your ‘My Account’ page to view the points you have earned. These points will only appear if you have earned enough points to spend. Which is 500 points that is equivalent to AU $5.00 credit.

Can i use my credit points on sale items?

Yes. If you have enough credit to use you can even use them with products

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